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To write a novel is to embark on a quest that is very romantic. People have visions, and the next step is to execute them. That’s a very romantic project.
Joyce Carol Oates

Why do you do the things you do? Particularly those in which the rewards are not immediate or always forthcoming. If you have a story itching to be spilled onto countless pages of paper, Joyce Carol Oates thinks you’re on a quest for the romantic. But maybe any quest is inherently romantic, whether it is writing a novel, exploring a country and a culture strange to you, mastering an untried and intimidating skill, or falling in love.

Mandy Calvin, Writing a novel is like a novel
Mandy Calvin, Writing a novel is like a novel
The last scenario, most of the world will agree, is synonymous with romance. But there is some common denominator in all of these. Adventure, for one. Investment, not only of your time and effort, but of yourself, your ego and who you are. Danger or the possibility of getting hurt. The promise of experiences that matter to you. Rewards, for sure, especially those that feed your psyche. Maybe, the thrill of the new and the conquest of something once unknown or challenging.

Miss Oates also presumes the presence of a vision, a dream. All quests are probably founded on dreams so intense you need to go after them.

Are all these part of the reason you write novels?

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  1. Thank you for the link back and I like the food for thought about the quest in terms of writing. Keep up the good work.

    • And thank you for allowing me to use your art. You captured how I felt about writing, illustrated in a fun way. It’s what immediately stood out for me in the long page of images I found on Google.

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