A to Z, Day 7: Good Things

Take it from Anais Nin—Being good, by itself,  doesn’t cut it if you want good things to happen. You do have to hustle. As Rich (the other half), proved one day. Sad but it’s true.

Rich took his car in to the dealer he bought it from to have a small problem fixed. They fixed it, but when he tried to open his car to drive it away, his electronic key would not work. He never had that problem before.

Naturally, he asked them to fix that new problem for free.  They balked, insisting that he pay for fixing this new problem. After some contentious back-and-forth between him and a manager, Rich slapped one hand emphatically on the table, repeating that he never had a problem with the electronic key before.

The manager, probably 100 pounds bigger, said, “I think you better leave sir. You’re being violent.”

Rich said, “Bull….. Nothing was wrong with the car lock when I brought it in.”

Many heated words later, the dealership relented somewhat and said they would take care of half of the cost of fixing the car. Rich kept his ground.

They gave in a little more, saying they would find out what was wrong with the car, first thing the following morning. The manager admitted, then, that they had done service bulletins on this problem before, apparently a common one for this car.

The next day, they informed him the repair would cost $700, but they would only charge him about $100 for it. Rich was ready to acquiesce. At that point, he just wanted the whole affair to be over. But he did ask if his remaining warranty could pay for his share of the cost. They said most likely not.

When he finally picked up the car, the dealer charged him $65, out of goodwill, they said.  Not standing his ground would have cost him at least $600.

2 Responses

  1. Kudos. Kudos to the car dealership after long negotiations finally doing the right thing. Kudos to me for continuing the negotiations. Kudos to this writer.

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