My Amazing Discovery: New type of human being

I’m seeing, but not understanding a new person, perhaps even a new type of human being. Programmed and engineered A marvelous accelerated evolution brought about this new type of human being in 2008, and spread rapidly throughout the world. That … Continued

A Paris Autumn: Leaves

When you’ve visited a place many times and taken pictures of must-see sights as well as sights (including happenings) that you want to remember or which uniquely strike your fancy, do you stop taking pictures? Photos (or videos) are not … Continued

Adventurous Foodie in Florence

We travel to eat. Isn’t that, after all, a crucial part of any culture? It’s easy to have memorable taste experiences as an adventurous foodie in Florence, our favorite city in Italy. Florence—home of the gelato and two-pound bistecca. Admittedly, … Continued

Copying the Greats: Is this art?

When I tried to learn to paint, I copied the works of famous artists, imitating their style. Here are some attempts to be a copycat for my failed project of becoming a painter. With my copies, you might ask yourself: … Continued

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