Polish poster art: take a look

I don’t know much about Polish art. But have at least heard that Polish poster art is stunning. It has been used for political purposes. Those of resistance movements, for instance. To take my first steps into Polish poster art … Continued

My Amazing Discovery: New type of human being

I’m seeing, but not understanding a new person, perhaps even a new type of human being. Programmed and engineered A marvelous accelerated evolution brought about this new type of human being in 2008, and spread rapidly throughout the world. That … Continued

A Paris Autumn: Leaves

When you’ve visited a place many times and taken pictures of must-see sights as well as sights (including happenings) that you want to remember or which uniquely strike your fancy, do you stop taking pictures? Photos (or videos) are not … Continued

Adventurous Foodie in Florence

We travel to eat. Isn’t that, after all, a crucial part of any culture? It’s easy to have memorable taste experiences as an adventurous foodie in Florence, our favorite city in Italy. Florence—home of the gelato and two-pound bistecca. Admittedly, … Continued

Copying the Greats: Is this art?

When I tried to learn to paint, I copied the works of famous artists, imitating their style. Here are some attempts to be a copycat for my failed project of becoming a painter. With my copies, you might ask yourself: … Continued

Cooking and Baking in Paris

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It’s been ages since I bought a cookbook. The ones I have, I hardly ever consult anymore, since I have my own collection of recipes all organized in my iPad recipe app. But for me if you throw in certain … Continued

Selfies. Narcissism. Totalitarianism?

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I keep hearing about people taking selfies―taking your own picture. Usually with your cell phone. Sometimes with a special pole adapter which makes the gaze more natural. What do people do with these selfies? Do they put them on social … Continued

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