Strasbourg — Hybrid City

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The French have been obsessed with a national identity. Maybe, more than other Europeans. This obsession has fueled attempts to keep the French language ‘pure’ and the national cuisine unalloyed by outside influences. But, then, there is the Strasbourgeois, inhabitants … Continued

My Amazing Discovery: New type of human being

I’m seeing, but not understanding a new person, perhaps even a new type of human being. Programmed and engineered A marvelous accelerated evolution brought about this new type of human being in 2008, and spread rapidly throughout the world. That … Continued

A Paris Autumn: Leaves

When you’ve visited a place many times and taken pictures of must-see sights as well as sights (including happenings) that you want to remember or which uniquely strike your fancy, do you stop taking pictures? Photos (or videos) are not … Continued

Copying the Greats: Is this art?

When I tried to learn to paint, I copied the works of famous artists, imitating their style. Here are some attempts to be a copycat for my failed project of becoming a painter. With my copies, you might ask yourself: … Continued

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